About Us

Raw Faerie Creations

Raw Faerie Creations is about offering feel good cakes that support your health.  We source organic ingredients whenever possible and try to support local organic famers by using their seasonal produce.

Kylie only makes cakes when she's in a good mood because she believes that they energy you put into the food you make can completely change the way it tastes.    

Each cake is made especially for the customer who ordered it.  We like to know if your order is for a birthday or a gift because we keep that in mind when we're making your cake.


Kylie is Australian, married to a man from Scotland, and lives in the South West of England.  She has been on her 'health journey' since 2002 and her 'raw journey proper' since 2009.  Kylie's diet is high raw-vegan, she chooses to eat this way because it supports her health and wellbeing.  

Despite her reputation for making cakes and sweets, her tooth isn't as sweet as you would expect.  Before going raw Kylie was never much of a cake fan, finding the refined ingredients too heavy.  She enjoyed making cakes and other sweet things but wasn't a huge fan of eating them.  Now she now gets to make cake and eat it too!  

Kylie discovered that raw cakes were a supremely successful way to get her friends and family to open up to the concept of raw food diets.  Those who were suspicious of the raw food concept seemed to eventually come around to the idea after they'd had a slice or two of raw chocolate cake. 

In addition to Raw Faerie Creations, Kylie also trades as Positive Birth Choices, supporting mothers through pregnancy, birth and early motherhood.


Just the thought of making a cake elevates his stress levels!  Pras is the 'official taste tester' and has the terrible job of ensuring that left over cake is eaten.  That's really not to hard for him though as he does have a reputation for being able to put away a lot of food.

As well as eating a lot of cake, Pras often helps out with the non-cake making/eating aspects of Raw Faerie Creations.

Pras isn't 'raw' as such but he does have a reasonable high raw intake becaue he eats pretty much the same things that Kylie does (in larger quantities!) and then tops up with wholefood (mostly vegan) cooked foods.

Pras is a yoga teacher and a master practition of NLP and hypnosis.  He has an open minded, eclectic and spiritual approach.