Thursday, 18 August 2011

Flapjacks Take Two!

I've received quite a lot of feed back from my flapjacks post a couple of weeks ago, as well as some recipe requests.  It seems that my gorgeous husband is the only (kind-of) raw person who misses flapjacks!

I'm pleased to say that since the first batch I've been playing in the kitchen again and this time we have apple and Sultana Flapjacks.

My taste tester loved them even more than the plainer first version.  Here they are!

I am not sharing the recipe yet but I will share it in the future.  Not sure if it will be on the blog or in my newsletter yet but, it will be shared soon ♥ 


LykkeLee♔ said...

hei,i ate a flapjack for the first time in my life one week ago.and i was in heaven.since i am alergic to diary and gluten i have never tasted before.last week i came across some raw flapjacks.i really want to try to mske some myself so i would reallly appreciate if you would share a little bit of how you do them.even just the that i kan experiment further. but now i have no idea what to put inside.i just know oatmeal og some kind og fatt(coconut og so)...
thank you snyway.
julia from norway

Raw Faerie said...

Hey LykkeLee, Oats contain gluten so I am wondering how you managed with oats in flapjacks. Raw oats contain some gluten and even react more strongly to raw oats because they haven't been steamed. I have been away for a while but once I get back on top of things I'll come back and post some more about the raw flapjacks, hopefully a recipe too.

Anonymous said...

recipe recipe recipe...!!!!!
Your recipe is in demand! Thank you so much for the idea and I look forward to trying them out sometime when ever you are ready to post the recipe.