Saturday, 23 July 2011

Raw Food Cakes without nuts ~ do they really taste that good?

 Recently I made a Cake for a lovely lady who had numerous allergies, including all nuts as well as other ingredients too.  She was visiting Cornwall around the time of her birthday.
I'm always up for a challenge so, when she contacted me to ask if I could make something special for her birthday, I was keen to make something really nice for her :)  I remember what it used to be like in my non-raw days when I was vegan, wheat free, sugar free, processed food free etc etc... it was pretty much a nightmare trying to find anything decent to eat unless I made it myself.

My general attitude toward such things is that unless you're allergic to everything, then making something amazing should almost always be possible.
The cake we decided on for her was a slightly modified version of my nut-free cacao torte.  
This is what she had to say about her cake:
Can I just say that the nut free cacao torte was the very best Birthday cake I have ever had.  I ate the last piece a week after it was made and it was definitely the best bit.  It is amazing how the flavour develops.  Thank you. x
I'm so very pleased that she enjoyed it!


earthlytreasures said...

I have a nut allergy, though can eat some nuts such as almonds. What do you use instead (or is it a secret?!)?

Raw Faerie said...

Hello :) Thanks for your comment. If you can have some almonds, I would probably use some almonds ~ depending on how sentitive you are to them. You could also try experiementing with ingredients like ground buckwheat, oats, hemp, coconut, chia..... Depending on what you are wanting to create :) xx