Monday 20 June 2011

Raw Vegan Wedding Cake

A couple of months ago I started corresponding with a bride-to-be about her upcoming wedding.  A colleague of mine had shown her the Raw Faerie Creations blog and she started to consider the possibility of a raw vegan wedding cake.

Three cakes in different sizes were to be presented on a tiered cake stand.

The cake needed to be vegan, free from specific fruits and transportable as the wedding was in the Cambridge area.  It was quite a challenge and I won't lie, it was a tad stressful!  So much pressure to make some very special cakes for this couple's special day.

The wedding was a few weeks ago now and I have since heard that the cake was enjoyed.  The cake flavour requested was passion, lime, and white chocolate so I whipped up a new recipe, especially for the wedding cake.   I have only a couple of photos of the cakes, I quickly snapped them before packing the cakes away to begin their long journey from Cornwall!

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Greenwick said...

That is such a gorgeous cake! I'm curious, was it frozen like an ice cream cake?