Monday, 20 June 2011

Strawberry & Cilantro Smoothie

Calling this a smoothie might be a little generous as it's somewhere in-between a juice and smoothie.  We enjoyed this atthe Raw Food Pot Luck at the Raw Faerie house this past weekend and there were a few requests for the recipe.

It a gorgeous drink to have with ice in the summer.  I like it made with cornish strawberries because  they are the sweetest and they are local too of course.  I really love the sweetness of the strawberries with the cilantro. 

This recipe will make just over a litre but you could easily halve the quantities.  It's best to make it just before you are going to drink it as if you allow it to sit too long before drinking, the cilantro can seperate out from the juice.  If it does seperate it is easy to stir the cilantro back through.

It's this easy;

Juice some organic apples to make one litre of juice (approximately 10 medium sized apples)
Pour the juice into the blender and add 12 medium size strawberries, 1/4c tighly packed cilantro.
Briefly blend or pulse.

I like this drink to have a little texture from the strawberries and cilantro but if you prefer a smoother drink you can blend the cilantro with the strawberries first and then add the aples juice and lime.

Blending fresh juice will cause it to oxidise faster so it's best to avoid blending the apple juice longer than is needed.

If your strawberries aren't very sweet then you may need to add something extra to sweeten, maybe a little agave, coconut palm sugar....

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