Monday, 2 May 2011

1000's of herbs banned. Please sign this petition

On the 1st of March a law came into effect that interfers with our access to many many herbs which have been used for natural medicinal purposes.  Often herbs are safer than drugs and if you're unwell and there is a herb that can help you, then you'd want access to it right?  The new law limits our choices.  Choices which can help us to stay healthy and prevent illness.  Choices that could help us get well if we were sick.

So please take a moment to sign this petition and ask all of your friends to as well.  Last time I checked there were 5000000 signatures and we needed at least another 5000000 for this law to be reviewed. 

You can find the petition here:

For some more information about the history around how we got to this point, this video gives some useful information...


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