Friday, 19 August 2011

♥ CHIA ♥

Chia & Cocnut Fruit Pie
Even though Chia has been around for a while now, it's pretty new to our diet.  We had lots and lots of chia in the cupboard with many well meaning intentions to get to know all about her but, never quite got around to it.  

It was only after Kate Magic's recent visit that I decided I really should get the Chia out and do something with it.  

We were missing out on all of the benefits this lovely seed has to offer!

So, I opened the 1kg bag and guess how long it took us to consume the lot.....                     It was all gone within two weeks.  
We found that

We LOVE Chia

So what did we do with all the Chia?

The recipe for this chia breakfast was in the  August Newsletter

We had a chia pudding everyday, sometimes milky and creamy and other times filled with fruit.  I liked to have mine mid-morning or for lunch, sometime after I'd finished my couple of litres of daily juice.  Pras enjoyed his for breakfast. 

And Oh ~ what can I say?

  Chia crackers 
I have to buy more chia soon so I can make more crackers.  I've never made such crackers before.  

I'm hooked!

While I've always loved the idea of crackers I'd never loved a cracker before chia came along ♥ 
The reason I don't usually eat crackers it that they feel heavy in the body, I didn't find this with the chia crackers.  They were light and crunchy and I just couldn't leave them alone.   They disappeared super fast. 
We had some Chia for dessert a couple of times too.  
That makes it sound like we have meals doesn't it?  Which is slightly misleading.  
In the Raw Faerie house there is more of a grazing theme to food, we eat whatever we want when we want it, including desserts.  

Chia and coconut fruit pies were the dessert I chose to make with the last of our seeds and it was thoroughly enjoyed.  

We found that the Chia was really easy to digest and filling too.  I also love how it just takes on the flavours of the other ingredients.  Eating Chia once a day made me feel great, I had more consistent energy levels throughout the day.

If you would like to know what the benefits of Chia seeds are... why they are good for you... and what their nutritional profile is ~ You can click through to Angela Stockes-Monarch's blog ~ Raw Reform for the details.  They are an amazing source of protein, nutrients and omegas ~ I'm not surprised I feel so great when I eat them daily.   

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