Thursday, 4 August 2011

How Do I Order a Raw Faerie Cake?

Ginger Crunch

Recently there have been quite a few requests for clarification about how to order a Raw Faerie Cake so, I thought it would be good to clarify this with a blog post.

What Cakes are available?
Raw Faerie Cakes are divided into two groups ~ cakes that need to be
collected or delivered and cakes that can be sent through the post.

We are always happy to receive special requests.  We receive frequent orders for birthday cakes and the occasional wedding cake too.  If you see something on the facebook page or blog that you don't see on the cake list, email us and ask about it.

6" Love Bomb Cake
From time to time a run of cake squares are offered through our Facebook page.  These small packs cannot be made to order on demand.   If you would like to buy some Raw Faerie cake by the slice then, keep watch on the newsletters for updates on which cafes and healthfood stores are stocking our treats.

Mini Blueberry Torte
If you would like to receive a list of cakes and treats that you can order directly, email  We will also be posting a full list of cakes in the notes section of the Raw Faerie Facebook page shortly.

How Do I get my Cake?
There are a couple of options;
Chocolate Berry Bliss Cake
1. You can collect your cake from the Raw Faerie House in Lostwithiel
2. We can post your cake to you
3. If your cake is for a special occasion, we may be able to deliver it to you at additional cost
4. If Kylie makes Raw Faerie deliveries to a cafe in your local area, she is happy to bring your order to you on her next visit.

How Do I Place an Order?
Orders are placed by email and payment is by direct bank transfer.  We do not offer paypal because they take a percentage of your payment, by not offering Paypal we are avoiding charging you more for our products.  We request one weeks notice for cake orders.  If you find yourself needing a cake at late notice will will do our best to accomodate your order if we're available to do so.


Sonia said...

I've never thought of raw cakes before. They look intriguing and delicious!

Raw Faerie said...

Thanks Sonia <3

jahdmrs said...

Ooohh I wish you lived in East Anglia. Your cakes look gorgeous. Hopefully one day I will be able to make them. Just have to find the recipes.