Thursday, 7 April 2011

A Little Raw Faerie Love

.•°°•.♥ Cacao Rose Hearts .•°°•.♥

Today was a food prep day in the raw faerie kitchen. Getting lots of breads and sweet snacks in the dehydrator. I also made a cake and a couple of salads.

I find it easier to do this once a week or so, especially when I know that I have to be out and about a lot during the week.  Having food sorted in advance makes staying raw when out and about a lot easier. 

On the spur of the moment today I decided to experiement with making some raw chocolate and rose hearts.

I think they turned out really well, having a lovely subtle rose flavour and they're ever so pretty too!

Raw chocolate hearts with a hint of rose
Full of Raw Faerie LOVE
£14 per dozen
£7 per 1/2 dozen



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