Friday, 8 April 2011

A salad that almost everyone LOVES

This is a favourite salad of mine and I certainly did not create this recipe, but everytime I make this at least one person asks for the recipe and even more say how much they like it :)

I made this for a gathering of an amazing group of Doulas (birth support partners) yesterday and I am now receiving the follow up messages asking me about the recipe.  So I'm posting this link up for those who asked for the recipe but I'm sure there are other readers who mighy like to try it too.

This is a Raw Chef recipe and I just love it because the dressing is sweet and spicy and salty all in one go.  This recipe is raw with the exception of the Chipotle Chilli's (smoked chillis).  There is a variation provided in the recipe for if you would prefer to avoid the chillis, but I wouldn't dream of making it without them.

You can find the recipe here.

When I haven't been able to get any heads of organic kale I have substituted with bags of organic kale from the supermarket, you just need to pick out the hard stem pieces first. I often find that people raise an eyebrow at the thought of eating kale raw but as long as it's been prepared properly it is easy to digest.

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