Thursday, 21 July 2011

Goji Brownies and Mixed cake packs

Raw Vegan Cake and Brownie Treats!

I've been busy in the kitchen getting everything ready to fill the Raw Faerie orders for this coming Monday.
There are a few packs left over so if you'd like to order one, there is more information to follow.

These mixed packs won't be on offer again anytime soon but are a great chance to try a variety of cakes.

The cake packs on offer right now include:

Pack of 6 cake squares: 2 minty maddness, 2 ginger crunch, 2 Love Bomb  ~   £12.00 + £5.90 post

Pack of 6 Goji Brownies   ~    £12.00 + £5.90 post

The Love Bomb Squares are made with fresh organic strawberries, maca and rose. Topped with superfood milk chocolate.

Minty Madness Squares and made with fresh mint and greens and topped with dark chocolate boosted with green superfoods.

The Ginger Crunch Squares have a mild ginger and white chocolate layer and a slightly crunchy ginger base, again topped with chocolate. 

Goji Berry Brownies are full of Goji Berries and raspberries, dipped in raw chocolate and topped with gojis and pollen.

To order, email

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