Friday, 22 July 2011

Raw Foods benefits for mothers and babies

In addition to my Raw Faerie Creations activity I also spend a lot of my time supporting mothers through pregnancy, birth and the postpartum.  I have tended to keep these two areas very seperate but what seems to be happening quite organically over the last months, is a merging of the two.  I'm finding that the many of the soon to be new mothers that I meet and work with are keen to choose the healthiest food options for both themselves and their new baby.  A healthy body that is fuelled by the right foods in the postpartum can help make for an easier recovery.

I'm not talking about supporting pregnant mothers to 'go raw' during pregnancy, I want to make that really clear.  What I'm tallking about is helping them to increase the quantity of nutrient, mineral and enzyme rich foods  in their day to day diets. Pregnancy is not a suitable time to be starting a detoxifying or cleansing diet, but it can be a great time to increase the quality of the foods in the diet.  Ideally, changes to the diet can be made during pre-conception preparation, but if that's not possible then there is no reason why you can't start during pregnancy.  Adding extra foods such as raw greens, hemp, coconut and dates can bring benefits.

Coconut Butter is an amazing healthy fat that brings with it many benefits to new mothers and their babies.  For this reason, it is one ingredient in the New Mama Cakes that I make for mothers in the postpartum.  Coconut Oil and Dates both have positive effects and are great to incorporate into the diet throughout pregnancy and the postpartum (For the New Mamas who need a low GI diet then it would be best to be careful with the dates are known to be a higher GI fruit).

There are many ways to incorporate coconut butter into the daily diet.  It can become part of your desserts, added to cakes or salad dressings and it is also a stable oil for cooking food and baking. 

The New Mama Cakes that I make to order are intended for the mother to enjoy (and share of course!) either at the end of her pregnancy or in the postpartum.  They have a date fudge-like creamy filling on a seed and nut base and they are available with either a carob or white chocolate and vanilla icing.  Containing lots of raw coconut butter and dates, they are great for new mothers.  For those mums who need to avoid dates, there are other options available.  Cakes are Raw, Vegan and free from processed sugar, wheat and gluten.  All ingredients are natural and whole foods.

Read my next post, an article by Cori Young, to find out more about the benefits (to mother and baby) of incorporating coconut butter into your diet


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