Thursday, 21 July 2011

Raw Food Potluck ~ August 27th in Lostwithiel

Our next Raw Food Potluck Picnic (lets cross our fingers for good weather!) is on September 27th.  It will be in Lostwithiel again and if the weather is cold or wet we'll bring it up to the house.  It will be from 12.30 to 14.30 and you are best to park in the free village car park.  We'll be in touch with more details closer to the time.  If you'd like to let us know that you're planing to come along, please get in touch and we'll invite you to the event via facebook.

The last potluck in Lostwithiel was in June and we had lots of new people come along, which was fantastic :)

It was the first Lostwithiel potluck to go ahead (the first time we tried we had to cancel due to snow) and the food that was shared was just gorgeous. We had a small Raw Faerie Cake Shop too, for those who wanted to take some Minty Madness or Love Bomb cake squares away with them.  For the August potluck I will be having the wee cake shop again but with some different cakes on offer this time.  I will also be ordering in some organic young coconuts, so if you're coming and you'd like me to get some coconuts in for you, get in touch via email or facebook.

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