Tuesday, 8 March 2011

A Little About Me

Hi and welcome :)
Choc-Goji Brownies

I have been delaying starting this blog for a long time but I've finally decided to get started and hopefully I'll keep it going.
I have been on a living foods diet for over a year now, before that I dabbled for a long time with raw foods, just experimenting but not really taking the extra step to become more raw than cooked.  I was vegetarian for many years and then vegan for many years.  In August 2009 I took a four week holiday from work to visit Glasgow (where I used to live) and during that time I decided to leave my reliable STRESSFUL job and leave cooked food behind in favour of living foods.  I experienced a strong desire to flush all that was toxic from my life.  When I returned home from my holiday, I started eating raw and handed in my resignation.  I haven't looked back :) 

The raw foods I love to play with the most are desserts, cakes and icecreams.  I do make savoury dishes and juices and smoothies too but, it's the desserts that really inspire me.  So, I'm going to use this blog as a place to post up about what I'm making and let you know what I'm up to in the Raw Faerie Kitchen :)

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