Sunday, 13 March 2011

Banana Berry Torte

A creamy banana & white chocolate filling topped with a layer of berry jam.
So. here are the photos of my most recent creation. 

We shared this cake at the raw food pot luck today and I am pleased to say that it received some really positive feedback!  It was really pretty when sliced as there was a layer of fresh blackberry's inside the filling  :)

Cake sizes and prices will be posted soon.  Once the pricing is organised for this cake I will be adding it to the list of cakes that I offer to prepare to order. 

All cake orders need to be received a least one week in advance to allow time for planning and preparation.  


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Harmonious Living said...

Amazingly gorgeous. Thankyou Kylie.
I want to celebrate Kylies yum cake creations. We are now blessed in being able to order from her direct. So next time you are seeking the best ever birthday treat, or a weekend personal munchie indulgence! Give Kylie a ring or check on her website for options of what to order.
I can share from personal gratification and bliss!! that Kylies creations are the best. Not only do they taste divine! you are guaranteed top quality ingredients AND they are presented so very very beautifully. They are works of art!
Kylie also shares her dharmic gifts as a birthing priestess/doula whilst also offering baby, pre and after birth massage and placenta encapsulation service.
In loving appreciation to all of us who are opening portals for expansive and empowered change. :)