Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Raw Chocolate Torte

A rich, creamy chocolate torte made with nuts, hemp and boosted with maca powder.  Drizzled with white chocolate and oozing with raw superfoods!

This is one of the favourites at our house, the recipe has been evolving over the past 6 months or so and the current version reminds us of the chocolate-hazelnut flavour of Nutella spread.

This cake was collected on Saturday and enjoyed as a Birthday Cake.  I've received some feedback saying it was absolutely delicious.  Apparently it's great served with fresh strawberries!

This cake can also be made without nuts


Drizzled with raw white chocolate


CornishHairstylist said...

Kylie that looks Amazing yummy :D


Jakinabox said...

It was lush,quite coconutty,very moreish :)

Jacquie xx

Raw Faerie said...

So please you enjoyed it so much Jacquie! Did the kids like it too? xx

Jakinabox said...

Rowan wasn't sure at first, he said it was "a bit too dark" for him. He enjoyed his second slice though so I think it was an excuse to sample more :)