Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Faerie's Fudge Cake

Toward the end of last year I was experimenting with creating a creamy caramel torte filling and came up with my Faerie Fudge Cake.  It tastes very sweet and has a distinct yet subtle flavour.  

Currently available to order
 I've been quietly concerned with all the fuss about Mesquite that is happening at the moment as it means that I might have to stop offering this dessert if Mesquite is banned! I love the DYW Mesquite powder and am really disappointed that it has now been removed from sale.  If you're interested in lending your support to help keep Mesquite available in the EU then visit this link where you can sign the petition.

Last night I spent some time experiementing with the recipe again as I've had to change the yacon syrup that I usually use and I'm slowly adjusting my recipes so that I can offer a smaller cake size.  I absolutely love the yacon syrup that used to be sold by Earthfare in Glastonbury - it is so divinely creamy, very sticky and has a gorgeous caramel flavour.  Unfortunatly I've run out and can't source it at the moment.  The one I have right now is totally fine but I always like to test out new ingredients before using them in cakes for sale.

The Fudge Cake is made with mesquite to give extra sweetness and nutrients and the chocolate icing on this cake has added Maca Root for an extra boost and to bring some maltiness to the the chocolate. 

 So.... We have just cut the cake and it tastes amazing, the cacao and carob works beautifully with the fugde filling and I'm very happy with the new Yacon Syrup :)

Pras says this is one of his favourites but then he also says that about the Chocolate Torte, the Goji Brownies and the Blueberry Cheesecake! Of the cakes I've made though, I have to say that I love this one the most.

The Faerie Fudge Cake is currently available to order for collection from Lostwithiel or Janey's Raw Food Pot Luck's.  If' you'd like more information my email is in my profile.

 A smaller Fudge Cake will be available soon!

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