Thursday, 17 March 2011

So, tell me about the ingredients in your cakes?

Irish Moss

Often when people try my cakes they find it hard to imagine how I've made them.  The idea of a cake that hasn't been cooked and that contains no processed foods or animal products can be hard to digest for those new to raw foods.  My creations contain no dairy, cheese, flour, eggs, sugar, milk or cream - all the main ingredients used in baking are nowhere to be seen.

Berry Sauce
I choose my ingredients really carefully.  Most ingredients in my creations are organic.  I would love for all of the ingredients to be organic but unfortunately it's not always possible as some organic ingredients can be difficult to source (e.g. passionfruit).

My creations can contain a wide range of ingredients ranging from seeds, nuts, coconut, cacao, fruits, goji
berries, seaweeds and superfoods such as maca, mesquite and lucuma.  When it comes to the fruit that goes into my cakes, I always try to source local or organic first.

Blueberry Heart

All ingredients are vegan and also wheat & sugar free.  These cakes are great not only for those who are enthusiastic about raw food but also those who are vegetarian (there is no gelatine), vegan, have food intolerances or just looking for a guilt free dessert :)

Sometimes there are fresh berries inside too!

All creations are filled with love and made especially to order.  I'm always happy to answer any questions or enquiries about my raw cakes, just don't ask for my secret recipes!

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leighx said...

I love the look of this and all your cakes and foods. Not normally my thing but I think I'd like them. Presented beautifully too. Good luck with them. Nice blog also.

Raw Faerie said...

Thanks Leigh