Friday, 25 March 2011

What's been happening in the Raw Faerie Kitchen this week?

Kale salad with rustic crackers

It's been a busy week for me so I've made an extra big effort to have a range of easily transportable raw foods at the ready - some fresh and some dehydrated.  One of the things that makes the biggest difference for me is planning ahead.  I find that a little forethought makes raw foods a lot easier. 

Right now there is a huge kale salad in the refrigerator, it's full of tomatoes, avocados and hemp.  There is also some courgette pasta and a lovely Italian flavoured almond meal which is great served with a rich tomato sauce.  That's based on a Russell James recipe and I won't say too much about that now, I'll post some pictures and a link to the recipe later.  

Dried raw green chilli

There has also been a range of raw vegetable powders being ground, ready to be added to raw food dishes.

I've been dehydrating garlic bulbs, chillis and almonds.   I find it really useful to always have raw garlic and onion powders available, they are really convenient when making raw dishes like flans, quiches and crackers.

Beetroot Juice

We've enjoyed quite a few almond milk smoothies and on the desserts and treats front I have been meddling with the RAW Minted Mud Cake recipe and tinkering with some chilli-cacao macaroons (they are shaping up very well, even if I do say so myself).

And of course, as always, there has been a lot of love going into all the foods coming out of the Raw Faerie Kitchen.....


Jakinabox said...

Hi Kylie,
just wondering what the little hearts in the mug are?
Have a lovely weekend

Jacquie xx

Raw Faerie said...

Hi Jacqui, they are raw chocolates that I made earlier in the week. White and purple :)